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Welcome to Samsoe
Welcome to Samsoe^^
Guild news

Glassboard code in forum

samsoemonki, Feb 26, 13 5:16 AM.
Go to forum to get code :-)

Personal update from Drizzzt & Ahkturi

Drizzzy, Feb 22, 13 6:10 AM.
Hi all,
Maybe it is about time to tell why I have been away from game for a little week.

I am going through a divorce after 22 years (11 of them married), and at the moment my priorities are with my kids and the economics since Im trying to stay in our house.

Im looking forward to see you again on the "other side"

Take care all
Best regards


samsoemonki, Feb 19, 13 4:02 AM.
Update server is under quick maintenance!

what ever that means!!

General idea for dkp system... For discussion

AkaWarrior, Feb 11, 13 3:56 PM.
Hey All.... :) we have lately been talking about DKP system in guild and Many good ideas came up... But still need some input from u All.
The general idea about dkp is that the ppl Who work Hardest to get a loot, get a better chance to get it...
New ppl in guild Should of also be able to get loot and for that we have idea of giving starting DKP based on gear and rank of All toons
This means dkp is not bound to just 1 character, but all ur characters :)
To gain dkp u have to run with an administrator with Full samsoe guildrun:
idea is:
1 DKP is earned for every gsl, spl or ehl run that was shceduled in calendar.
1 DKP is earned for signing up and be on time
3 DKP is earned for signing up and be on time but there is no room in team for u
If team is not Full Those who join in-game Will also get 1 DKP Per run

When we implement this system or if new ppl join we Will give out starting DKP bases on: Number of 60 characters in guild, Rank, t2 epic armor and 4/4 set, lava weapons and other epic drops aquired...

10 DKP for each lvl 60 in guild
25 DKP for leuitenant
60 DKP for officer
10 DKP for every piece of t2 epic(incl 4/4 set) and on All toons
20 DKP for Lava one-handed
30 DKP for Lava 2-handed
20 DKP for other spl, gsl, ehl epic drops
10 DKP for other rkl, kpl, etl epic drops

How to bid?
All drops u want, even if blue, has to be bid on... Even if u are the only one who need it u have to bid atleast 1
Team doing run Ofc bid first... If Its a chest drop guildies not on team Can bid, and highest bid wins :)
U have to know how Many DKP u have before run...

How Does that look to u?

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